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Docs - Try It

12/27/2015: SUIT Framework is no longer actively maintained.

Try It is one of the more interactive features of this site. It can be used to play around with some Rulesets live on this site. Select a Rulset, and write a template to be transformed with it.

However, because SUIT also needs a programming file to get anything important done, and we can't allow anyone to edit programming files for obvious reasons, we have provided Try It examples in each rule article. In the See Also box on the bottom of each rule article, there is a link that says Try It. Click on it, and you'll see a template, a programming file, and perhaps some external templates. The example will show the rule in action, which you can then proceed to modify to your liking. This editor is running on SUIT for Python, but it provides all versions of the code applicable. The templates contain comments about the few (if any) things that need to be changed for the other versions.

In addition to modifying the template to transform, you can also modify how it is transformed. This is done through six checkboxes and one textbox underneath the template textarea. To learn what Insensitive, Log, Mismatched, Unclosed, and Escape do, see defaultconfig. Entities converts HTML characters in the template to their respective entities, and Line Break transforms line breaks in the textbox to the HTML form.