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12/27/2015: SUIT Framework is no longer actively maintained.

If you've read technical documentation before, our method should be familiar. If not, let's review some of the things we do in these docs.

In the articles explaining functions, this site uses the following format to explain the syntax of their calls:

Syntax returntype function ( type1 param1, type2 param2 [, type3 param3 ] )
Item Description
returntype The type of the variable that will be returned. Mixed means that multiple types can be returned.
function The name of the function to call.
type The type of the parameter to send.
param The name of the parameter to send.

Enclosing the third param are brackets. Anything inside brackets is optional.

Although the syntax for Rules is similar, there are a few differences.

Syntax [rule param1="type" param2="type" ( param3="type" )]string[/execute]

Because the syntax of rules generally use brackets, parentheses are now used to signify optional items. returntype is neglected as SUIT rules will always return a string. In fact, you can only send strings as parameters. The reason we still show a type is to tell what type to use when the rule will treat the parameter as JSON and decode it.