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12/27/2015: SUIT Framework is no longer actively maintained.

06/06/2010: SUIT 2.0.0 and Rulebox 1.0.0 released. These versions were the first to be developed using SVN. You can see all of the differences between it and its predecessor by reading revisions 25 through 142.

07/31/2010: SUIT 2.0.1 and Rulebox 1.1.0 released. Applied the 80 character rule to the PHP files to match the Python files. Fixed bug with try that caused the variable to be undefined initially if no exception was thrown. Made SUIT PHP's parse function cache correctly. Before, it was loading the cache, but not returning it. The static variable "delimiter" has been added to call and transform.

12/21/2010: SUIT 2.0.2 and Rulebox 1.1.1 released: